Hair Padding


This can also be referred to as a volumiser. It works as an illusion to increasing body and structure to a hairstyle. Instead of using a hair donut, hair padding is the alternative. If the padding is seen in a hairstyle then it will still look like teased hair, however if a donut is seen through a hairstyle it will look very unprofessional.

Hair padding is made out of synthetic hair and can be reshaped to suit the stylists needs. 

It comes in three different colours: Black, Brown, Blonde. 

You can mix and match the colours as well as size. 

Leave an email requesting what colours and sizes you are after and how many Hair Paddings you would like.

Pick up from salon or shipping option available.

We do not exchange or refund for hygiene purposes or under any circumstances so, please double check your order before making a purchase.  

Hair Padding x1 $12 AUD

Hair Padding x5 $49.99 AUD

Hair Padding x10 $89.99 AUD